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About MTH

After working in the UK Spa industry for a number of years I wanted to create a website that would make the wellness experience more positive for both the customer and therapist by overcoming two main problems.

For the customer, when you first book into a salon, you see whichever therapist they have available. You have no background information on this therapist and you have no idea what their level of expertise is. The whole experience is therefore rather impersonal and does not always meet your needs. Often therapists in salons are given guidelines on how their treatment show follow meaning a treatment can be very mechanic and allow little room for it to be tailored to the client.

Therapists are normally paid on a commission basis, and receive a small percentage of what the customer pays to the salon for the treatment. They have no control over their schedule and often work long hours, leaving work completely exhausted. Their client base is built through their place of work and when they leave they are not allowed to continue seeing these clients or have any further contact with them. This deters therapists from leaving and often results in the therapist putting up with unreasonable working conditions.

Our new website will help both customers and therapists overcome these issues, it will be the new way to book treatments. When booking treatments or classes people will be able to base their decisions on: location, rating, price and/or qualifications of the therapist. My treatment hub displays all this information in a clear and concise manner to ensure you choose someone who will give you exactly what you want. We take £5 deposit, which covers the therapist for any no shows, and the remaining balance is paid by you directly to the therapist after you have completed your treatment. The therapists remain self-employed and are able to choose their hours, which means that they are in total control of their own schedules.

Our website will provide a full range of services, from osteopathy, acupuncture, personal training, massage and beauty treatments to counselling.

All our therapists are vetted and fully qualified with full insurance.

My Treatment Hub offers an unrivalled service to make your wellness experience just that much better.